School of Prophetic Worship

This school is held over three evenings and one full day – Thurs eve, Friday eve and all day Saturday (including evening)


At the School of Prophetic Worship you will...

  • Learn how to worship from a place of deep intimacy and rest.
  • Learn how you can have an encounter with God every time you worship.
  • Learn why God wants worship and how to give it to Him - abandoned and unashamed.
  • Learn how to position yourself to receive prophetic revelation and how to give expression to what you receive.


Are you ready for a divine encounter? To touch true worship and encounter God, we must enter into the realm of the supernatural; we must enter into the realm of God. The school of prophetic worship is for anyone who loves to worship - you don’t have to be a part of a worship team or even have to sing in tune. You just have to love God.


School Content Taken From:

Worship Overview

The Clash Of Cultures

The Power Of Honour- The Foundation For Worship

New Covenant Worship Perspective

Experiencing The Presence Of God

Traditional & Prophetic Worship Comparison

Freedom In Worship

The Religious Spirit

Entering Realms In Worship

Relating To The Character And Nature Of God

Congregational Spontaneity In Worship

The Power Of Decree

Skill & Anointing

Prophetic Expression 1&2

The Arts In Worship

Positioning Yourself Prophetically


A Manual is included with each registration for this School

School of Prophetic Worship

School of Prophetic Worship