Prophetic Art Workshops

My main ministry calling is to train people in the prophetic gift and its various expressions. I've ministered in my prophetic calling for over 40 years and have done prophetic art for more than 20 years. I am a galleried artist who has taken part in many group exhibitions as well as my own highly successful solo ones.


I know that art has the ability to touch hearts deeply; prophetic art does so in an even more powerful way. Prophetic art is a 'now-word from God' in picture form that reveals the Lord's heart for those viewing it, and as a result it can minister deeply, touching the heart, mind and spirit of those who see it.


While my workshops cater mostly for brush and mixed-media artists, they are not limited to them. Prophetic art comes in many different styles and formats. It can be painted, drawn, sculptured, computer generated, sewn or more. If you are interested in attending one of my workshops but you are not a painter, please ring and talk to me regarding the suitability of the workshop for you.


In my (1 day & 2 day) workshops you will -

  • Learn some basics of creating prophetic art
  • Learn some basics about composition, colour choices and colour meanings
  • Create art in an atmosphere of joy-filled worship and surrender
  • Connect with the heart of the Father to co-create a piece of Prophetic Art.
  • Meet and connect with other creative people in a relaxed and inspiring location.


These workshops are suitable for any skill level.


Pre-workshop preparation


Between the time you book and the workshop date please begin to ask the Lord to give you ideas for paintings, so that you are not left trying to think of something to paint on the day. Then either prepare small line sketches of the painting ideas or write down the ideas in your sketchpad to bring with you.




You will need to bring your own; you will need -


  • Canvases - If you are not a skilled artist may I suggest that you don't bring a large canvas; approximately 20 inch x 24 inch is a good starter size. It will be preferable for you to finish your painting in one day. Maybe bring 2 or 3 smaller canvases - 12 x 16 inch or similar, square ones look great too - 12 x 12 inch.
  • Assorted brushes from ¼ inch to 1x½ inches
  • 2B Pencil and rubber
  • Sketch pad for drawing ideas and taking notes
  • Acrylic paints - colours as wanted.
  • Palette – a white dinner plate - ceramic or plastic
  • Paper towels
  • 2 Jars or large yoghurt containers for water
  • Easel – if you have one
  • Pictures, fabrics etc for mixed media if you desire

Prophetic Art Workshops