Art, dance, and most other forms of creative expression function under a prophetic mantle. The arts of a generation prophesy to that generation.


God is wanting to redeem all the arts and use them for their original purpose - to give clear and powerful expression of the wonder of who He is and what He has done.


Are you an artist who wants to grow in your understanding of who God has called you to be? Do you want to know how to use your talents to express the things that are on His heart for this generation?


We are able to help you by providing workshops, seminars and schools in your vicinity that will inspire, encourage and further equip you in your prophetic creative expression of art, writing,  music and dance. Check out the Prophetic Art Workshops and the School of Prophetic Worship as two examples.


Let us know if you'd like us to run a training event in your locality. Click here for contact details.